Regional Pest Services

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Regional Pest Services can help provide pest control for your business, whether it be a small café or retail store or a large office premises.

Why do I need pest control for my business?

The presence of pests such as mice, ants, cockroaches and spiders could be detrimental to your business image. In addition, some pests could be causing unseen damage to your premises or stock. It is important to carry out regular control activities to prevent a pest problem becoming a major cost to your business. Most of all, your employees are your biggest asset and it is important to ensure their workplace is safe and free from pests.

Regional Pest Services is fully insured & registered.

We are equipped to assist your business. Furthermore, our office is able to provide copies of our insurances, qualifications, Safety Data Sheets, and other documentation as required by WH&S standards.

Flexible and locally based.

We try to ensure our pest control service is done with minimal disruption to your business. Regional Pest Services is flexible, efficient and professional. And, by supporting a locally owned operation, you are supporting the local economy in the South Coast region.

Want to know more or discuss how we can help you?

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